About Landlord Credit Bureau (LCB)

LCB networks the Residential Rental Industry to identify High & Low risk Tenants.

Low Risk Tenants Benefit

When their tenant pay habits are reported in a positive manner and they can obtain a Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy Click for sample. Many tenants don't have a stellar credit history, but they are good tenants and pay their rent. Low Risk Tenants will make every effort to pay rent on time where they benefit from doing that and where it can be detrimental to them if they don't. LCB benefits tenants and landlords.

High Risk Tenants Don't

They are negatively impacted when they are reported as having been evicted or as not having paid rent. High risk tenants use Landlords as a revolving line of credit and there is little or no consequence. LCB provides a consequence by identifying these Individuals to other landlords and property managers. Most high risk tenants will stop the landlord abuse when they are denied rent based on tenant history and when obtaining rent becomes difficult because of a negative tenant history.

Tenants are advised

Where High Risk Tenants are advised via Notice to Tenant Click for sample that their pay habits are being reported to the Landlord Credit Bureau and that late payments and non payment will negatively impact their ability to obtain rent in the future, they are less likely to default.

The Landlord Credit Bureau will minimize risk

The LCB will minimize risk of rental income loss and make the landlord/tenant experience a more pleasant one. www.tenantsinfo.com and www.landlordfraud.com are two educational websites that benefit landlords and tenants.

Where landlords and tenants know their Rights & Responsibilities
the rent experience is a much more amicable one.



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