Landlord Credit Bureau

Landlord Credit Bureau is a repository for the Residential Rental Industry which identifies high and low risk renters. High risk renters use landlords as a revolving line of credit, and where landlords and property managers report rent payments, that abuse stops.

Financial Institutions and other credit grantors use the credit bureaus to stop systems abusers who write bad checks and don't pay loans and credit cards etc. Now landlords and property managers can report rent payments that will affect tenant history and credit history. Reporting rent payments will motivate slow payers and non-payers to be more diligent where rent payments are reported. They will be more attentive to paying rent on time. That equates to fewer landlord hassles.

Low risk tenants benefit when and where they make on time rent payments. Often low risk tenants do not have a very good credit history and are denied tenancy as a result. But they are good tenants and make on time rent payments. Reporting rent payments benefits them as they can develop a good tenant history and a good or better credit history. They can receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy which will make it easier for them to rent in the future.

Credit Grantors have the credit bureaus that they can contact to determine the credit worthiness of credit applicants. While landlords and property managers use the consumer credit report as part of their criteria, it is often not a barometer that determines tenant worthiness. Rent payments...are the barometer which landlords and property managers need to go by to determine tenant worthiness.

Landlord Credit Bureau networks the residential rental industry the same as credit bureaus network credit grantors. e.g. banks, credit card companies, utility companies etc.

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