Bad Tenants List

It is not legal to just have a bad tenant list or a bad renters list. In order to be a credit reporting agency for tenants, you have to comply with Federal laws. That means reporting good rent pay habits as well as reporting bad rent pay habits. So a bad tenant list is part of a tenant repository that also includes a list of good tenants.

It is important that landlords and property managers recognize that good tenants should be rewarded, just as bad tenants who don‘t pay rent and damage rental property should be evicted and identified as a high risk or a bad tenant.

Years ago before privacy laws were an issue there were bad tenant lists in many jurisdictions and with some landlord organizations. But that is not allowed anymore, besides that there was no accountability. Who reported the bad tenant? Was it in spite or a legitimate report? Some of this reporting may have been unfair and unjustified. Landlord Credit Bureau (USA) and Landlord Credit Bureau (Canada) authenticate or identify the End User (landlord). End Users need to sign an agreement wherein they agree to only report accurate information. There is no dollar amount reported, only days/weeks/months late. This minimizes the chance of a dispute and the risk of a landlord reporting more than is owed. Tenants have access to and can monitor their own accounts. They can dispute any report.

A bad tenant list and a good tenant list combined is what the residential rental industry is looking for, and the Landlord Credit Bureau has that. To report a bad renter is easy with the Landlord Credit Bureau. There is no cost to the landlord or property manager to report Rent Payments. It will help to minimize risk of rental income loss, and it will benefit good tenants.