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LandlordCreditBureau Mitigates Hassles of High Risk Tenants

High risk tenants hurt landlords and tenants. In addition to not paying rent and causing thousands in damage to the rental property, they can be loud, obnoxious and threatening to other tenants and/or landlord/property manager.

The Landlord Credit Bureau mitigates the problem that high risk tenants bring to a tenancy when they read the Notice to Tenant that should be read and signed before the lease or tenancy agreement. The Notice makes an impact statement and will change bad rent habits.

Reporting tenant pay habits or tenant rent payments to a credit reporting agency that is national in scope, will be a deterrent to those who don't pay rent and damage rental property. Now they are identified and will have a tenant history that is good or bad. A bad tenant history will not bode well when applying for new accommodations.

Good tenants benefit from the landlord credit bureau as landlords'/property managers want verification of a good tenant history.

The best way to identify high risk tenants and low(good) risk tenants is to report their rent payments monthly to the Landlord Credit Bureau.