Here you will find answers to all your questions about how LCB works.


  1. Is there a membership fee? Landlords: no... Tenants: yes. Please read.

    No, there is no membership fee associated with this service for landlords who report tenant pay habits to www.landlordcreditbureau.com. There is a membership fee for tenants who wish to monitor the activity on their Tenant Pay Habit account. It is a reasonable fee.

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  2. Do I Mr. Landlord require written consent from the applicant to report Rent Pay Habits?

    Yes, you must obtain consent of the tenant to report his/her pay habits to www.landlordcreditbureau.com via Notice to Tenant form which can be obtained from the website after log in. You cannot report tenant pay habits unless tenant has signed Notice to Tenant form.

    This is a TVS rule. It is prudent, it is fair to the tenant and it benefits you, where the tenant is aware that rent pay is reported each month. There is a greater chance that rent will be paid on time.

    If you cannot show that you had authorization or consent to report rent payments, you will be in breach of the Agreement that you signed with TVS Tenant Verification Service Inc. dba www.landlordcreditbureau.com . This will result in immediate cancellation of the LCB service.

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  3. How can I as a tenant clear my bad tenant history?

    Contact the landlord to whom rent is owed, and negotiate a settlement of the debt. Once that has been done, the landlord can note that on LCB. This will auger well with a future landlord... and moving forward you can request a landlord to report your tenant pay habits that you will make on time, so that you can be rewarded with a Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy at the end of the lease period. This benefits you where you may have a bad credit history and a bad tenant history.

    Now...you can work on developing a positive tenant history which should benefit with future rental applications.

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  4. Can I obtain rental forms from this website?

    LCB has two forms that you can use during the application process: a Rental Application Form and a Notice to Tenant, that advises the Prospective Tenant of the consequences should he/she leave you stuck with unpaid rental fees or damaged rental property.

    Other forms are available to members on our website at www.tenantverification.com.

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  5. How do I pay?

    LCB requires an online payment prior to obtaining a membership if you’re a tenant You can pay by either Visa credit or debit card and/or MasterCard.

    Your payment is processed in a secure and confidential environment. LCB does not keep member’s credit card information on file, nor does it see your credit card information. Payment is made directly via Desjardins our merchant service provider...

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  6. Does LCB share its membership information with 3rd parties or participate in spam e-mail programs?

    TVS Tenant Verification Service Inc dba LCB is bound by Privacy Laws. It does not share its database with 3rd parties and it does not participate in spam e-mail programs. The only e-mail you are likely to receive is the Welcome Letter. Important notices may be sent out periodically that advise of website changes, etc. Only important e-mails will be sent to you if necessary.If you are a tenant, you will receive monthly reminders about rent due.

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  7. How do I report Tenant Pay Habits?

    You must sign up for an account at www.landlordcreditbureau.com to become a member, there is not cost for that, LCB must establish your identity and your status as a property manager or landlord that gives you a purpose to submit or search for tenant pay habits.

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  8. I have login problems. How should I proceed?

    Our web site requires permission to use cookies on your machine. If you are experiencing problems when logging in, perhaps this permission has been denied. This can be for several different reasons, but they are all under your control:

    • you may have disallowed cookies altogether in your browser.
    • you may have the privacy policy in your browser or internet security software/firewall set to a level that stops cookies from being used by this site.

    Cookies in this site are used to keep the privacy of your information and reports and keep you logged on.

    Cookies are not used in any way that abuses your privacy or security.

    Please change your settings to allow cookies either in your browser or firewall. If you choose not to, we're afraid that we cannot bring you online services.

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  9. How Accurate is your Data?

    LCB is a provider of information obtained from 3rd parties who are property managers and landlords. While LCB relies heavily on accurate reporting, LCB does not verify or guarantee the accuracy of such data. LCB verifies the identity of all of its members and thus it is expected that the reporting is accurate. Tenants can dispute information in their tenant history and LCB will investigate.

    All data should be verified or discussed with the Individual (tenant) whom it belongs to. If tenant disputes the report, there are two options:

    • You can tell the property manager or landlord to confirm discuss.
    • The tenant can dispute and request an investigation. There is no dollar amount reported so only the fact that rent payment was overdue may be in dispute.

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  10. Which documents should I provide to become a member?

    For current TVS members at www.tenantverification.com there are no documents required. You have direct access to LCB.
    For landlords and property managers who are not TVS members, then the following documents are required to establish your permissible purpose to report rent payments:
    • Driver's License
    • Utility bill or tax bill or telephone bill for rental property in your name or your company's name.
    • If a Property Management company then provide website on membership application.

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  11. I am having trouble retrieving my reports

    If you get a blank page when clicking a link to browse a TVS report, please verify that you are using the latest Adobe Acrobat version available. Check Adobe Acrobat website for the latest version.

    Sometimes cleaning your browser's cache can do the trick

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  12. Where is the data stored, that is reported to your website?

    The data is stored on our secure website that is EI3PA compliant. Google EI3PA for more information on what it stands for. Regulatory Bodies demand that consumer provided data is securely stored. You the End User demands that data be stored securely. TVS takes reasonable measures as with EI3PA certification and more, to ensure a high level of security.

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  13. Has your data storage server ever been compromised?


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  14. The phone bill is in my spouse's name, can I still send it?

    Yes, you can send the bill but you will also need to send a copy of your spouse's drivers license OR provide an additional document along with the phone bill that has both your names on it.

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  15. What do I do if the phone bill is in a company name?

    You still need to send the phone bill and you will also need to send a document that verifies you are part of that company.

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  16. What if the phone bill is under a family plan?

    Send the phone bill and also include a piece of ID for the individual whose name appears on the bill.

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  17. What do I do If my phone is through my computer (VOIP)?

    You should be able to print something from the provider showing your name and phone number. If this statement does not list your address you will need to submit a utility bill along with this to show your current address.

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  18. What documents do I need to send if I am doing this on behalf of a friend or family member?

    • Current telephone or cellular bill. MUST be current and list your name, current residence, and the phone number listed on your application.
    • Proof of identification (valid driver's license or Passport).
    • Proof of ownership for each rental property; either a current copy of the insurance policy showing the name of the owner and the rental property address OR a current copy of the property tax notice showing the name of the owner and the rental property address.
    • A signed document from the rental property owner stating that you are in charge of managing the rental property on behalf of the owner. This document should list your name and address, the owner's name and address and the rental property address. It should be dated, signed and by the rental property owner.

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