Develop a good Tenant History

Tenants are almost never rewarded for making on time rent payments, adhering to the terms of the lease agreement, or just for being a good tenant. When a landlord reports on-time rent payments to the Landlord Credit Bureau, there are benefits for tenants. EG:

Improve Credit Score

When landlords report on-time rent payments, and those rent payments are reported to Equifax Credit Bureau via the Landlord Credit Bureau, then the consumer credit score is improved, it can help repair a poor credit history. You can work on repairing credit immediately instead of waiting for 7 years for the bad accounts to fall off your credit history. Landlords want to know that rent payments are made on time, they really don't care about past pay habits to other creditors. They want to ensure that you have a track record of on-time rent payments, you are more likely to get the rental accommodation that you apply for with a good rent history.

Monitor Tenant History

The Landlord Credit Bureau gives tenants the ability to monitor their tenant history. EG On-time rent payments, or late rent payments.

Tenants should know that what is being reported is accurate, they should know what will be reported to their consumer file at Equifax Credit Bureau.

The Landlord Credit Bureau gives tenants the ability to not only see, but monitor their tenant history, to ensure accuracy. Landlords and tenants should work together to benefit each other. Reporting positive rent payments is one such way.

Elite Tenant Portfolio

An Elite Tenant Portfolio is a good benefit when applying for rent. It contains all the information that a landlord requires when considering rent. Having a portfolio with a completed rental application, employment records, bank details and other required documentation, will have you better equipped than most tenants when applying for rent.

Landlords will be able to access your tenant portfolio on the Landlord Credit Bureau site. It's secure, and it will be a quick and easy way for Landlords to review your info.

Another benefit to having an Elite Tenant Portfolio is the fact that there will be no completed personal information in the portfolio. EG mm/dd of DOB will be missing, street # from address may be missing. If a Landlord wants to further the due diligence process then you may provide it. Your personal information is less at risk of being compromised.


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