Report Bad Tenants

Landlords and property managers should report rent payments for all tenants. To just report bad tenants... only serves to identify high risk. Landlords and property mangers want to know whether a rental applicant is a good or low risk tenant as well. Reporting good rent payment is as important as reporting bad rent payment. This benefits tenants who pay rent on time as they can create a good tenant history for themselves.

Often good or low risk tenants are denied tenancy based on a low credit score or a bad credit report. But they are good tenants and pay rent on time because having a roof over one‘s head is fairly high on the priority list of survival. They may not pay credit cards or utility bills in a timely fashion, but they do rent. If they have a proven track record of paying rent on time, that‘s what a landlord is concerned about. Landlord‘s have expenses and the best way to ensure they get paid is to ensure that tenants pay rent on time. The best way to do that, is to identify high and low risk which the Landlord Credit Bureau does.