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Do you want to minimize the risk of renting to a bad tenant who won't pay rent and perhaps damage the rental property? If so, then the best way to do that is to report rent payments to the Landlord Credit Bureau monthly, and make the tenant aware of that via the Notice to Tenant, which can be obtained on the website after log in from the forms Section.

Reporting rent payments is as important for landlords and property managers as is reporting credit card payments to a major credit bureau. This is the best way to ensure compliance and responsibility with respect to making rent payments on time.

Where tenants know that rent payments are reported to a credit reporting agency that is national in scope, they are more likely to pay rent on time and abide by the terms in the tenancy agreement.

Tenant pay habits are largely dependant on what the consequences are for not paying on time. Tenant pay habits can get worse if left unchecked or not addressed in a manner that has an impact. That impact is reporting tenant rent payments to the Landlord Credit Bureau.