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How LCB membership works

IMPORTANT! (LCB) is currently transitioning from one company to another as a result of an acquisition that LCB was not part of.

Currently we are not able to authenticate or verify the identity of new member sign-ups as the new company. TVS Small Business Service Inc. requires authority from the credit bureau(s) to use their authentication tool and to report rent payments. Application has been made and we are awaiting approval.

You will be required to go through an authentication/identity verification process (as stated above) later.

Proceed with application and report rent payments. When authentication and rent reporting is available, you will be advised. Rent information will be forwarded to the credit bureau(s) at that time.

We cannot provide a timeline. There is a process which must take place.

If you are a member, you can access after log in from the Rent Payments tab at the top of the page. Or you can become a TVS member (no cost) and report rent payments through that venue, as you will be authenticated there when you sign up.

Creating a positive tenant history and receiving a Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy Click to open in a new page at the end of a lease period is what landlords and property managers want to see.

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