Tenancy Agreement Should Accompany Notice to Tenant


Tenancy Agreement

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A Tenancy Agreement or a Lease Agreement, (one and the same) is a legal contract that a landlord has a tenant sign prior to Move-In, and after the tenant screening or tenant back ground check has been completed and meets your criteria.

Ideally the Tenancy Agreement should be one that comes from a reliable Source and has been reviewed by an Attorney familiar with landlord-tenant laws.

Landlords leave themselves open to problems and rental income loss when they don't have an Agreement that incorporates all the terms required for an arbitration or court hearing.

The Agreement should be thoroughly reviewed with the prospective tenant, the terms and any addendum should be carefully reviewed with the prospective tenant. Why is this important?

Then this should be a red flag. If he/she displays this kind of attitude with what are the rules in a legal contract, then perhaps that Individual will have the same attitude regards:

How can you minimize the risk of this happening and rental income loss?

Have the tenant read and sign the Notice to Tenant.

Advise the tenant that rent payments are reported each month and that complying with the Tenancy Agreement is important. Violations of it, will not be tolerated.

Late rent payments, non-payment of rent and damaged rental property will be reported to the Landlord Credit Bureau which in turn are reported to a Major Credit Bureau. Make them aware that they will have a bad tenant history as well as a black mark on their credit history. It may become difficult to rent.


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